Sunday, August 23, 2009


Among the many PLAYERS , particularly those of the HIPSTER sub-division, an aura of awe and mystique glimmers on the surface of one of the most universal spiritual properties within the SCENE: IRONY. Irony very well may be classified as the closest thing to MANA that the SCENE has. It's magical qualities can give the most mundane and trivial of objects and gestures layers of status and power. The malleable application of Irony is so vast that it indeed can serve as the basis for entire cultural sorceries.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Hierarchy of Head Mechanisms


Functional Analysis: In a game defined by projected avatars connoting status, visible tokens of differing power and worth are critical. Value of tokens seem to be algorithm based. Complexity of algorithm judged to be on par with Random Poetry Generators.

Specific properties of HEADWEAR GAME TOKENS: Similar to that of a classic Roleplaying game ENCHANT function, HEADWEAR GAME TOKENS can potentially imbue HIPSTER PLAYER with inordinate levels of palpable DOUCHEBAG FACTOR , and can create very useful, powerful SOCIAL BARRIERS, and can increase one’s personal STATS in the highly crucial department of FLYER HANDOUT ATTRACTION for FREE BEER/BAD MUSIC SCENARIOS.